Southern Magnolia Minerals Cosmetics Review

August 25, 2012 · 1 comment

I was recently given the opportunity to review several products from Southern Magnolia Minerals Cosmetics. SMM is a company that sells a variety of mineral makeup that is made from 100% pure, all natural bare minerals. These cosmetics are designed to hide flaws while enhancing, protecting, and nourishing your skin.

The products I received for review are the DMAE & MSM Youth Dew, the Pink Cream Eyelift Concealer, the Yellow Cream Under Eye Concealer, and the White Eye Primer Base.

The DMAE & MSM Youth Dew Face and Neck Serum is meant to enhance your skins ability to mend itself and to firm up stressed and over sized pores. The main nutrients found in this serum is DMAE and MSM. DMAE is a nutrient that helps to tone and firm the skin, and  MSM is a nutrient which helps the skin to heal itself. I really loved this product. After I used it my face felt soft and smooth. My face also had a nice glow after using the Youth Dew Serum.

The Pink Cream Eyelift Concealer is a product designed to conceal dark circles and dark spots under the eyes. It also helps to brighten the eyes. This concealer did a great job of hiding some of the dark circles under my eyes. I also liked the fact that it acted as a good moisturizer for my eye area.

The Yellow Cream Under Eye Concealer worked just as well as the Pink Cream Concealer at hiding my dark circles. The yellow concealer is also good for covering any mild red spots you may have on your face.

The White Eye Primer is used to maximize the color of the eyeshadow you put on your eye. It also helps to keeps your eyeshadow from fading over time. I noticed a big different when using the white eye primer under my normal eye shadow. My eye shadow stood out way more when I had the primer on. My eye shadow also lasted longer when I was wearing the eye primer.

If you would like to purchase any of the above mentioned products from SMM Cosmetics please head on over to their website. Be sure to check out the other great products they have available while you are there.

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Patty A August 26, 2012 at 10:11 pm

I love mineral makeup!

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